trip to India – november 2011

After my parents left Bombay to go back home to Stockholm, I met up with my friend Bav. We accompanied his photographer friend to a few sites around Bombay I’ve never visited before for a project of hers and then took the train all the way down to Kerala to just chill and play on the beach…

View of Dhobi Ghat from station bridge, Mahalaxmi, Bombay.
Morning chai before heading into Dhobi Ghat, Bombay.
Washing barrel, Dhobi Ghat, Bombay.
Dhobi Ghat morning routine, Bombay.
En route to Dharavi, Mahim Junction station, Bombay.
Train leaving after dropping us off in Bekal, Kerala.
First night in Kerala: Bekal Tivoli.
Funky bird patrolling Bekal station train tracks, Kerala.
Cart wheeling Bav on Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Shells and little sea animals on Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Posing beach football team, Kannur, Kerala.
Tea pot during temple ceremony in Kannur, Kerala.
Resting cow passed while bicycling to Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Pretty patterns in the sand of Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Shadow on spiky patterned Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Mysterios bubble found on Kannur beach, Kerala.
Fisherman pulling out his nets on Kannur Beach, Kerala.
Hundreds of little ducklings taking over the Backwaters, Kerala.
Lady in blue boat in the Backwaters, Kerala.
Rush hour in the Backwaters, Kerala.
Swedish massage ad in Vila Parle, Bombay.