trip to India – october 2011

After finishing the MA, me and my parents went to India over Diwali to spend time with family and explore our native place Kutch. The meticulously planned tour, put together by my very patient and travel-planning-passionate dad and uncle, also took us through Rajastahn and Tamil Nadu before returning back to Mumbai. As I got my first proper digital camera just before going on this trip, I took hundreds of photos in the first few days alone…

Mandelbrot-like fractal appearing in my breakfast chai (yes, my major project got me slightly obsessive). Kutch.
Family line up on Vijay Vilas Palace Roof Terrace (used as back drop for several Bollywood songs). Mandvi, Kutch.
Morning swim in the Gulf of Mandvi. Mandvi Beach, Kutch.
Tree full of bindis stuck on by women visiting the Temple just next to it. Somnat, Kutch.
Rural graffitti on great wall outside Mandvi, Kutch.
Little beach animals and shells. Mandvi beach, Kutch.
House ruins in Dholavira, one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Kutch.
One of 16 water reservoirs in Dholavira, suppluying clean water to the whole town back in the day. Kutch.
Traditional Kutchi houses in Hodko Village, built by the same (local) man who ravels the world constructing these houses in different locations.
Kids seeing us off from Hodko Village, Kutch.
Fancy rickshaw (and adorable boy smiling for the camera) en route from Hodko Village, Kutch.
Shephard proudly showing off the newest addition to the herd. En route from Hodko Village, Kutch.
Sign at top of Black Mountain, Kutch.
Sign in Swami Narayan temple garden. Mount Abu, Kutch.
View front hotel terrace. Mount Abu, Kutch.
Roof top decor influenced by the French lily. City Palace, Udaipur, Rajastahn.
City Palace gate emblem. Udaipur, Rajastahn.
Mosaic glass windows. City Palace, Udaipur, Rajastahn.

City Palace, Udaipur, Rajastahn.
Lake Palace, Rajastahn. (As seen in classic James Bond “Octupussy”).
Lion Fountain in Udaipur Garden, Rajastahn.
Butterfly in Udaipur Garden, Rajastahn.
Peacock saluting us (or scrathcing its beak) in Gir Forest, Savrashtra.
View point by Gir Forest Lake, Savrashtra.
Parrots hiding in tree. Diu, Gujurat.
Shelter from the sun in the fields. Outside Gir Forest, Savrashtra.
Sign by Yercaud lake, Tamil Nadu.
Swan pedal boats in Yercaud lake, Tamil Nadu.