molton brown

Molton Brown is a luxury bodycare brand with a proud English heritage. Derived from one store concept, each location differs in how it responds to site specific requirements & local market expectations which becomes visible in facade and interior details.
11914_8011 - Proposed Store Front 3D visual - hidden lines
Molton Brown, Dublin 2014: Visual of new tiled shopfront submitted as part of planning application.
Molton Brown Guildford 2014: Re-decorated listed facade with non-illuminated signage.
Molton Brown Guildford 2014: New illuminated shelf to enhance the basic wall panel.
Molton Brown Coex Mall 2014: Proposal for potential Seoul flagship location.
Molton Brown Bluewater 2013: Shop window & wall panel display.
Molton Brown Bluewater 2013: View from inside the store toward the mall.
Molton Brown Bluewater 2013: Illuminated display boxes recessed into the tiled walls by the cash desk creating a focal point at the rear of the store.
Heathrow Airport, T2, 2014: New gondola developed to offer possibility to demonstrate products in water without plumbing connection.
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