wearable space

primary research for “An exploration of adaptable space”, MA Interior Design 2011: Exploring Practise Module

This concept started out as an exploration of using wearable interiors/”outeriors” to create pop-up cafés that would not require any fixed furniture. Wearing such a garment would allow its user to create their own space wherever they go, it would become an oasis for the private person in the busy metropolitan cities. Such a garmet would offer an alternate, mobile and adaptable lifestyle.

The kimono wrap coat has 3 rods attached to the back that can be tied up as a back support while walking and folds out to form the base of a stool when the wearer sits down, the sturdy belt creating the seat. The triangles on top of the hat folds down when the hat is flipped upside down and turns it into a table.

The hooded rain coat inflates to create a chair with a big protective bubble surrounding the wearer, including a drink holder on the inside it offers a private, dry and relaxed space in rainy weather.

The home coat is an oversized hooded coat with inflatable sections in the back, offering a seat or a bed where ever the wearer might find him- or herself.